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Over the course of Cathay's history, we have strived as a playhouse to find the perfect combination between the performing arts and Chinese culture, in hopes of giving our audience greater and greater pieces of art. In order to create a better playhouse and promote Chinese culture, we search for volunteers in the hopes that you too have dreams, passions, and a love for the performing arts like we do. We look for positive and enthusiastic people to join our family.

Artistic Department

Cast Director (experience required)
Playwright (experience required)  

Production Department

Stage Management Script Clerk
Script Translation  
Set Designer Set Construction
Props Coordinator Props Maker
Scenic Crew Lighting Designer
AV Designer Composer
Sound Choreographer
Stylist Hair-dresser
Make-up Artist Wardrobe

Executive Department

Accountant Government Funding
IT Data Management
Public Relations Team
Public Relations Marketing
Event & FOH  
Ticketing Team
Media & Publicities Team
Editorial Graphic Designer
Photographer Cameraman
Editing & Aftereffect  

Application Procedure:

Application Procedure:

  1. Complete the “Cathay Playhouse Application form” (online application), after confirming your application, the documents will automatically be sent to the HR Department.
  2. Please read the following terms of application, and confirm that all information is true and correct:
  3. During "Annual Recuitment" period, we will respond to your application within 7 days, other period please allow us to inform you within 28 days.
  4. Before the interview please prepare any relevant information to the position you are applying for, such as your resume, portfolio and information about any of your past artworks, performances or awards.
  5. You will be interviewed by the manager of the department you have applied for. We will notify you via email if your application has been successful.

If you are unable to complete the online application, please contact us at


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27 September (THU)  07:00pm
28 September (FRI)   07:00pm
29 September (SAT)  02:30pm
29 September (SAT)  07:00pm


10 August(Fri)07:00pm
11 August(Sat)02:00pm
11 August(Sat)07:00pm
12 August(Sun)05:00pm